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Q4Knowledge 2

Q4Knowledge comprises both technical and non-technical sessions that are essential for software professionals to thrive as individuals. In March, Mr. Lilan Priyashantha who is a NFEC certified Personal Finance Coach shared his knowledge in personal financial planning and management. He … Read More

Q4Knowledge 1

Q4US kicks off Q4Knowledge series aimed at building a sustainable software community. The inaugural session focused on what every developer and test engineer needs to know about DevOps. Date – 28th Feb 

UCSC Tech Talks 2023

Q4US team member Hemanthi Wimalasiri shares her thoughts and insights on Tech Industry Internships with students at the University of Colombo School of Computing. … Read More

UI/UX training by Dhakshika

The Q4US team had an insightful training session with Dhakshika on the best practices of UI UX. … Read More

BCMC 2023 

Q4US representatives participated at BCMC in Indianapolis to promote digitalization in the building component manufacturing industry. Their session on “The Future of Truss Manufacturing” attracted over 60 attendees, showcasing the industry’s enthusiasm for digital transformation. Companies recognize the need to modernize and stay competitive in the digital world. Q4US connected with many attendees throughout BCMC 2023. … Read More

Meeting SBCA

Q4US team catchup meeting with SBCA at BCMC 2024. … Read More

DeepTech Leads Oulu – Episode 2: Q4US

Q4US was featured on the second episode of the DeepTech Leads Oulu podcast. Our CEO and co-founder Sandun Dasanayake discussed developer solutions, data and blockchain-enabled design, and the future of AI. Listen to the full interview for insights into Q4US’s approach to innovative software development. https://oulu.com/ictoulu/news/deeptech-leads-oulu-episode-2-q4us/ … Read More

Q4Knowledge series- DevOps

Q4US launched the Q4Knowledge series in February 2024, aiming at building a sustainable software community. The inaugural session focused on the fundamentals of DevOps for developers and test engineers. … Read More

GlobalTech Seminar – Q4US Case Study

Q4US CEO and co-founder Sandun Dasanayake participated in the GlobalTech Seminar hosted by Max Raymond at BusinessAsema. … Read More

FAQ on Unit Testing 

Software quality is an essential feature of sustainable software. Clients require software that not only meets their requirements but is also reliable, robust, and performs as expected. When software possesses the necessary quality, the lives of both clients and software developers are … Read More