Truss Manufacturing

Powering truss innovation through digital transformation.

Powering truss innovation through digital transformation

The truss manufacturing industry which used to be long reliant on manual processes, is now experiencing a rapid shift towards digital transformation. To thrive in this new landscape, it's crucial to embrace innovation and choose the right software partner to develop and incorporate digital solutions into your operations.

That's where Q4US comes in. We're a trusted software development company with a laser focus on quality, serving clients across the US and Europe. Since 2018, our team has been at the forefront, building software specifically for Trussmatic production lines. This experience forms the core of our truss industry focus, and we continuously refine our knowledge through ongoing projects.

We can be your trusted partner in navigating the digital transformation of the truss industry.

Our expertise empowers you to

Hit the ground running

Eliminate lengthy training periods and start seeing results immediately with our in-depth knowledge of truss manufacturing.


Optimize your workflow and increase output with our tailored software solutions designed specifically for truss production.

Tap into real-world experience

Benefit from our team's hands-on expertise supporting truss production lines, ensuring solutions that align with your needs.

in the future

Stay ahead of industry changes with our adaptable solutions, built to grow alongside your business.

Elevate quality standards

Achieve consistently excellent results in your truss production with our quality-focused solutions.

Case Studies

SBCA Digital QC

One of Q4US's significant accomplishments is the development of the Digital QC Application and Server for the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA), which is widely used by truss manufacturing companies in the US. This serves as a recognition of the company's domain expertise.

Job Management Tool:

The application streamlines job management for multiple plants, featuring date setups (request, fabrication, delivery), designer assignments, plant allocations, status updates (design, production, delivery), sales rep tracking, resource allocation via build hours, email communications, and document management.

Truss Design Validator and Manager

This application visualizes truss design data and allows users to adjust and approve trusses to be built in automated truss production lines. It provides multiple ways to load designs and manage truss data files and jobs.

Production Lineup Manager

This serves as the central hub for order sequence management, facilitating user interactions for production lineup creation, modification, and scheduling, while also ensuring effective communication with production software and saw control. Its user-friendly frontend provides streamlined control over the production lineup management process.

Saw Control Application

The Saw Control application plays a crucial role in the execution phase by dynamically generating saw file templates based on lineup messages from the Production Lineup Manager, ensuring accuracy, offering a user-friendly interface for real-time buffer capacity information retrieval, and enabling informed decision-making for efficient task execution in the cutting process.

Mobile App to Follow-up Orders

The multi-platform (iOS, Android, and Windows) mobile app allows employees to seamlessly follow up on order-related information and access, search, and manage order documents directly from their smartphones, making it especially beneficial for salespeople on the go.

Common Hub

Common hub is a central user interface that has facility to manage multiple application related to a truss manufacturing operation. Rather than opening multiple applications, Common Hub allows users to seamlessly move between the applications.

Jig to Jig Optimization

Here, the system analyzes the jobs and ensures that, rather than completely removing the jig setup and redoing it, it keeps the tools that are common for the next job as is. This allows to optimize the truss-building process and save time.

Truss production control user interface

This is the primary user control interface for an automated truss production plant. It will provide a unified view of the state of production and communication with other tools.

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