Making the world a better place with good-quality software. 

Making the world a better place with good-quality software. 

We are a passionate team of expert software engineers from Finland and Sri Lanka, dedicated to transforming your ideas into groundbreaking software solutions.  

We combine exceptional talent, quality, and transparent development processes to deliver high-performance software that exceeds expectations.

We're your one-stop shop for taking your vision to the next level.

Quality is embedded in the name
and reflected in the work. 

Quality of deliveries

We don't settle for "good enough." Every line of code undergoes rigorous code reviews, unit testing, and integration testing to ensure it's built to last. 

Quality of

We build our team with members who have a "can do" attitude, are open to innovation, and are committed to exceeding client expectations.

Quality of Processes

We believe in “radical”  transparency. Our development process is designed to keep you informed and involved every step of the way. You're not just a client, you're a co-creator!

Our Leadership​

Matti Lehtipuu

Co Founder and Chairman

Sandun Dasanayake

Co Founder and CEO

Lauri Niskanen

Co Founder and Director / Chief Technology Advisor

Samanthie Gunasekara

Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Tomi Väänänen

Director of Sales and Marketing

Kasun Abeygunwardane

Director Software Engineering

Our Presence

Oulu, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Auckland, New Zeland

Let’s build exceptional software together. 

Ready to collaborate on a transformative project? 


Tomi Väänänen

Director of Sales and Marketing