Our Story

Q4US is a solutions and services provider headquartered in Finland with development centres in Sri Lanka. In a world of uncertainty, ensuring seamless and continuous support for our clients is essential. That's why we've replicated our software skill set in Finland. Our staff presence in New Zealand further guarantees our availability to our clients.

Einstein said that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge.’ This is why we first look at imaginative and creative solutions for our clients business problems and then support its build through continuous learning.

Who We Are - Q4US
Who We Are - Q4US

Our Values underpin our Work Culture and our Relationships

Radical Transparency

Transparency is at the core of our organizational culture. We believe in open communication within our team and with our clients. We share expectations, achievements, mistakes, and setbacks, and we actively encourage giving and receiving constructive feedback. Our client-focused processes are designed to give our clients a clear and accessible view of the entire software development process, available 24/7.

Collaborative Growth

For us, collaborative growth means building an ecosystem where both our clients and our team can improve together through continuous development. Constructive assessments of where we are and what we need to learn enable us to build high quality software for our clients that meets their current needs and fulfil their future requirements.

Proactive Professionalism

We demonstrate our respect and appreciation to our clients through proactive professionalism. This is why we plan and prepare for every client interaction. The first and the most critical step of preparation is exploration, analysis and appreciation of our client’s business problem. Our technical solutions clearly detail all possibilities and limitations. Our plans and timelines address client’s business priorities. Our pricing structure makes quality solutions affordable. These are the hallmarks of our proactive professionalism.

The Leadership

Matti Lehtipuu

Co Founder and Chairman

Sandun Dasanayake

Co Founder and CEO

Lauri Niskanen

Co Founder and Director / Chief Technology Advisor

Samanthie Gunasekara

Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Tomi Väänänen

Director of Sales and Marketing

Kasun Abeygunwardane

Director Software Engineering

Our clients

Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US
Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US
Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US
Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US
Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US
Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US
Our Clients - Who We Are - Q4US

Our presence

Our Presence
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